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2 hours 20 minutes
după F.M.Dostoievski
Bogdana Darie
Prinţul Mîşkin: Alexandru Făinişi, Rogojin: Kostas Mincu, Nastasia Filipovna: Alexa Tofan, Ippolit Terentiev: Alexandru Petcu, Varia: Ada Dumitru, Ganea: Cozmin Dinu, Toţki: Andrei Atabay, Aglaia: Marina Flueraşu, Generalul Epancin: Alin Potop, Generăleasa Epancina: Nicoleta Moscalenco, Ptiţîn: Victor Bădoi
Română + supratirare engleză

The performance

The show is a modern approach, full of content, color and energy, in which all the characters become the main heroes of a troubled and sublime life history. Love, passion, betrayal, jealousy, forgiveness and suffering are tangle in a space of light, haunted by shadows and darkness, specific to Dostoevsky `s writings.
The actors are performers of the XXI`s century, proving the fact that they own the mastery of the specific means of artistic expression, at the highest level. The vision is modern, focusing on theconflict between concepts and outlining the so disturbing romantic stories that cross the novel.

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