Glass menagerie
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2 hours 0 minutes
Tennessee Williams
Radu Olăreanu
Mario Garcia Valdelvira, Daciana Voinescu, Alexandra Ilovan, Bogdan Capșa
Română + supratirare engleză

The performance

One of the most vicious texts by Tennessee Williams is staged at Theater Studio in Târgu Mureş, directed by Radu Olăreanu. The story of a 30-year-old American family is focused on the complicated relationship between the authoritative but in the same time extremely vulnerable mother (Amanda) and her two children, Tom – dreamer, dissatisfied with his condition, rebel but in the same time a pillar of strength for his family and Laura – a shy, physically disabled girl who extends her existence around a “glass menagerie” that actually is her inner world and it`s reflection in such a cruel reality.



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